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12 hours of lesson plans, to help you & your students get started with Hatch in your classrooms and build fun 3D projects.

Build your own 3D story
Learn about the basics of the Hatch workspace, and how make objects interact with each other
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Rocket Launch
Learn to control the movement of a rocket using your keyboard buttons and make it fly.
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Traffic Control
Learn about coordinate values, and how to use x-y-z coordinate positions to control the motion of an object.
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Dancing Deadpool
Learn to control animated 3d models using cursor/mouse interactions in a game
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VR Piano
Explore concepts of arrays, and conditional statements and build a VR musical instrument
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3D Snake Game
Code the classic snake game in 3D on Hatch, add score, and learn to detect collisions between 3D objects
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Benefits of using Hatch

Built for the Metaverse age, with schools and teachers in mind.

New 3D / AR / VR formats that kids loveYoung kids can use blocks, older kids can use JS. Switch seamlessly between the two.
Learn with Visual Blocks & JavaScript codeYoung kids can use blocks, older kids can use JS. Switch seamlessly between the two.
Supports professional VR/AR devicesRun your projects on modern Oculus/Meta headsets or in native AR on iPhone / iPads
Works on iPads & ChromebooksBuilt for modern-day school infrastructure, with support for Touch Screen devices
Free Educator Tools: Curriculum & Teacher AccountsManage multiple classes, assign curriculum, grade student projects, and more!
Teach any STEM Subject, not just Coding!AR/VR brings your content to life & helps kids understand concepts better!

Lesson Plans for each Age Group

Age-appropriate projects for all grades that teach computer science while empowering children to build 3D Games and AR/VR apps.

Need separate curriculum for each grade?

We have that too! For schools, our team can provide separate lesson plans for Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Curriculum Standards

We built our curriculum in alignment with global computer science education standards

Quick Videos to get you started

Basics of Designing, Coding, and Publishing your Hatch projects



Design a Space Scene
Make a 3D space scene with a rocket and a moon


Code Rocket Takeoff
Make the rocket fly up using visual, blocks-based coding for beginners.


Play in VR Mode
Scan and play your project in VR mode on any smartphone or tablet


Play in AR Mode
Coming Soon!

More Educator Resources


Interactive Free Courses

Code a 3D game step by step in our interactive workspace.

Try Hour of Code!


Detailed guides and videos covering all popular features.

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STEM Examples

Bring Math/Science/History to life with AR, VR, and 3D

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