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Free teacher tools to implement Hatch in schools and classrooms

Everything a teacher needs to use Hatch in the classroom

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Create & manage multiple classrooms

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Built-in Curriculum for all age groups

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Give Assignments and Assessments

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Observe & Grade student work

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Deep Dive into the Key Features


Create & Manage
Multiple Classrooms

Create as many classrooms as you need

Create student accounts in bulk via CSV upload

Track every child’s projects, grades, and more


Built-in Curriculum &
Lesson Plans (96 Hours)

Choose from our curriculum library, assign a curriculum to each classroom in 1 click. No need to upload your own content.

Lesson plans, projects, assessments, etc. will be imported into your dashboard automatically.

Sneak peek into the curriculum you’ll find on LMS

Download the curriculum overview for the grade group you’re interested in:

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Give Assignments &

Choose projects from the curriculum to share with students as assignments or tests

Easily grade submissions & add teacher notes from within your dashboard

Track student performance and generate report cards / classroom summaries

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It’s awesome, and it’s free!
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